Frequent questions

Prices include VAT?

Yes. The prices listed on our website include the legal VAT.

How can I order?

By choosing the product you want, from any page you can put it directly into your shopping cart by choosing the basket icon. Then click “Finish” on your shopping cart to follow the simple steps of completing your order. 
Finally, once you have registered your order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation e-mail with all the necessary information for your order. This means that your order has been successfully registered with our system. At any time you can still see the stage of your order by signing in to your account and selecting “order tracking” at the top of the page!

What is the wish list?

The “Wish List” differs from the shopping cart because it fills not with what you need, but with whatever you want! Using the wish list, you put in a series everything you just crave and you like from our products, no matter when you intend to go ahead and go ahead with a future purchase. 
The “Wish List” fills up with what your heart longs for and appeals to you. It also helps you to organize and prioritize today’s wishes, which can become tomorrow’s needs and priorities! 

Can I get updates for your online store, products, and offers?

You can subscribe to our newsletters and receive all the news about new products, exclusive offers and the possibilities of our online store. All you have to do is fill in your email at the “newsletter” at the bottom of the page (in the black box). That’s all! After that you will normally receive our newsletters in your e-mail.

What is a shopping cart?

It’s just that the basket and the regular shops. You can use the “Add to cart” button to place any product you are interested in to buy, and remove it with the Delete button. The fact that you have placed a product in the basket does not mean that you have purchased it. Here is a little process until it becomes yours. You have the opportunity to see what you have chosen and how much it costs each and all together. 
In the shopping cart you collect all the products you are interested in buying.